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A good performance in telecoms communication is directly related to a business success. Traditionally, a company uses call accounting software and analyzes call activity, reconciles invoices, controls abuse or misuse, and performs corporate roll ups. But these traditional call accounting metrics fail to gauge the system performance and the customer experience.

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Cradle to Grave logs can supply more insights. They include ring time, number of transfers, hold time, conference, and talk time. These detailed statistics allow communication managers to better understand and fine tune their communication facilities. Cradle to Grave call accounting software is fundamental for call centers and their system bottlenecks, hardware problems and failures, and even improper call handling.

Here are some of the most important functions performed by Cradle to Grave reports:

Call Handling Analysis

Studying call history logs and Cradle to Grave reports, telecom communication managers can determine the number of call transfers, the hold time, and the actual talk time. All these metrics can be traced for each customer contact, from the moment a call starts until it ends.

The benefit is that it allows all call activity handling to be examined and checked to meet the service level standards designed by the department.

Call Quality Assurance

In the vast majority of businesses, all call agents must adhere to the customer care golden standards. And here is where a Cradle to Grave solution really shines. This software provides a tool, so managers can listen to any call recording or a voice mail.

This provides great opportunity to address customer complaints, adjust corporate practices, and even provide extra training opportunities to the company agents.

Call Center Workforce Management

Call history, along with Cradle to Grave reports based on skill sets, allows communication managers to track call volumes by each agent, along with their geographical distribution. It is also easy to sort the levels of service provided and the types of resolution reached by each agent.

This way, telecom communication managers can monitor the efficiency of their workforce and take informed actions about the required staff during regular business hours, peak seasonal fluctuations, and busy hours.

Telecom Hardware Configuration

Improper hardware can lead to an increase in the frequency of abandoned calls, higher ring time, and a fluctuation in the call length. The result is undesired system failures, hardware configured in an ineffective or improper way, and unnecessary peak hour bottlenecks.

This information is a goldmine of data. Everything can support informed decisions about the performance of the current hardware and a concrete step into a well designed hardware migration strategy.

Communications managers have a comprehensive list of needs. A truly tested communication management solution addresses all these needs and ticks every box. Make sure that your chosen solution includes Cradle to Grave analysis, call recordings and voice mail playback, historical call center reporting, and a dashboard displaying the agents and the queue in real time.

These characteristics should be on top of your traditional call accounting software - either a desktop or a cloud version.

Once your business monitors all these telecom communication metrics, your company will surely maximize the return on the investment made on communications technology. This will improve the overall customer satisfaction and, ultimately, increase your bottom line.